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IRISS Synthesis report on citizens’ attitudes towards surveillance – Now available!!

IRISS Deliverable 4.2 “Conduct the observation/interviews: Doing privacy in everyday encounters with surveillance - Local reports on the results of the empirical studies conducted in different countries (Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, UK)” is now available.

Report on resilience options in democratic surveillance societies – draft uploaded.

The report on resilience options in democractic surveillance societies analyses resilience, in different domains, the elements of a resilience strategy, who should employ it and in what circumstances, and how these are aplicable to resilience in a surveillance society. The report also examines how the open nature of democratic societies can make them more vulnerable to attacks on infrastructures or people and how, at the same time, it can make them more resilient to those attacks in terms of social, economic and institutional responses. The report examines the notion of surveillance and, in particular, resilience in a surveillance society and whether resilience offers a useful strategy for countering the negative effects of surveillance in undermining the freedoms and values that underpin a democracy. It also identifies measures to increase resilience in a surveillance society. The report was coordinated by Trilateral Research & Consulting. Other contributors include: Open University, Peace Research Institute Oslo, University of Sheffield, University of Edinburgh,  Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology (IRKS),  University of Stirling, University of Sheffield, Eotvos Karoly Policy Institute, Hungary and the University of Hamburg.

A draft copy of the report can be found here.

Report on Surveillance Impact published

This  report presents  case  studies  of  three  surveillance  practices  across  Europe:  ANPR, Credit Scoring and Neighbourhood Watch representing different  institutional  surveillant  relationships and examines  how  democratic  resilience  can  be  increased  in  the  face  of  pervasive surveillance  practices.  For further information, including a copy of the report, please visit our Research page.